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Getting listed on the first page of a search engine results is crucial these days. SkyFi Marketing, is a full service digital marketing agency.
We specialize in implementing high-performing SEO strategies to help increase your online presence. 

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Frequently asked questions

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your website and online presence to rank higher in search engine results. Being ranked on the first page of a search results page ensures your business is found and will increase traffic to your site.


SEO best practices are ever-changing and evolving.  Using SEO to improve ranking results on search engines, like Google is a science which requires marketing experts to stay up to date on the latest tactics and strategies.

Organic SEO is a method of boosting your search engine ranking using multiple professional techniques. The word “Organic”  is used to delineate between non paid and paid (PPC – pay per click) methods of SEO. 

While SEO is something you can google and try to do on your own, It can be a very time consuming and confusing process. Worse, if it’s not done right, mistakes can actually hurt your ranking.
Hiring a company like SkyFi Marketing for your SEO needs will provide you with professional services and get you top ranking as quickly as possible.

There is no instant fix, or SEO booster that will give results right away.  Every business is different. It may take a few months before you will see results. Keep in mind this is a process that when done correctly will continuously bring traffic to your site.

In many cases SEO and PPC work best when integrated and used strategically.

With a good marketing  strategy and proper implementation, SEO will increase traffic to your site netting you more business. Keep in mind, SEO is a long term marketing strategy. It  will take time till you start to see the results. Your ROI will be worth it once it kicks in and traffic starts flowing.

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"Great work and nice person would use again. I am getting more leads now. Thank you for making my photography business grow. "
"I might say, you are the chief of Google. You know what Google is doing, SEO is very simple to you guys. Thank you."
Jillie Tempest
Shopify Store Owner
"Amazing work!. I highly recommend SkyFI marketing. The team was willing to work with me during the process. thank you very much for delivering great work."
Quintin Angus
CBD Shop Owner
"Just within 3 months you made it. Thank you SkyFi marketing team for the great work."