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SkyFi Marketing Screening Process

Web development freelancer

Here is how we cherry-pick our Elite Network members.

Our very selective freelancer screening process guarantees we only get the best of the best! As marketing folk ourselves, we look for extremely passionate and highly proven fellow team members. We only accept people into the family who we would want to collaborate with as well as grow and learn from ourselves.

Many marketers apply to SkyFi Marketing each month. We accept less than 5%.


Step 1

Collecting Top Performers

After a Candidate has met our specialised criteria we then begin the one on one screening process. We then finely-comb through an applicant's portfolio to ascertain the level of quality they have produced across the board. All References Are Then 100% Verified. An Internal SkyFi Marketing Background Check is then conducted. If the client passes these steps they are then asked to perform a demonstration project. Only once this is executed to the highest degree in a timely manner will a candidate become a part of the SkyFi Marketing Family!

Step 2

In-Depth Skill Assessment

We Screen For Communication Skills, Personality, Category-Specific Knowledge, And A High Level Of Professionalism. Approximately 5% Of Applicants Pass The Screening Process.

Step 3

Test Projects

For Specific Marketing Roles, We Will Assign Test Projects As A Final Step In A Candidates Application. Test Projects Provide A Setting For Candidates To Display Their Abilities & Professionalism, Over What Is Typically A 1-3 Week Process.

Step 4

Maintaining Excellence

SkyFi Marketing Freelance Members Are Expected To Up Keep AN Excellent Track Record Whilst Working With Our Clients. We Check-In With Valued Clients To Ensure Quality Service is Maintained.

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Let’s see what our clients have to share about our Talented Freelancers! 

My assigned project manager took care of every aspect of my project, so I didn't have to overlook each aspect. She lined up a good graphics designer and a social media marketing freelancer that did amazing work.
Maria Luxburg
CMO, Webnishar
They did a fantastic job on my website. The process was easy and my project manager took care of all the little details. I am continuing to use them for other projects, and I highly recommend them.
So easy!
Matt Doran
CTO, Shiler
Skyfi marketing helped me make a digital marketing plan for my business to create and utilize social media accounts to reach out to my customers. I am not very savvy online, but I felt I was in good hands and the results speak for themselves.
Joe Pantoliano
CEO, Loxiret