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Our network of freelancers are skilled in their craft and hand-picked through a rigorous 3-6 week vetting process evaluating communication skills, expertise, and professionalism.

Throughout the process, we distinguish between those candidates who only say they know how to take on the full scope of a project, and the ones who actually have the capability, passion, resources, and drive to do so. We ensure quality in our service and only partner with candidates that uphold similar values and work ethic.

See how we screen the 7% of freelancers who are accepted into our network each month.

Step 1

Initial Screening of Portfolios and Credentials

Upon joining our freelance community, we ask every candidate to fill out their credentials and submit their portfolio for review. After the initial evaluation of criteria, we begin a meticulous screening process consisting of combing through an applicant’s portfolio to determine the quality level of work they have produced. We then check that all references are 100% verified and conduct a thorough background check to ensure they are who they claim to be.

Step 2

In-depth Assessment of Skills

Once the candidate is determined eligible for the next step, they are asked to complete a short task and deliver it in a timely manner to ensure they uphold the values of SkyFi Marketing. Every freelance marketer and developer within our network is recognized as an expert in their specific niche. In this step, we assess each applicant’s industry-specific knowledge, communication skills, personality, and technical expertise. Only the applicants who pass all assessments at this stage get to the next step of the vetting process.

Step 3

Virtual Interview

When reaching this stage of the vetting process, a SkyFi Marketing representative will coordinate a virtual meeting to screen the potential candidate in real-time. Here we assess communication style and personality in greater depth and determine if the applicant fits our company culture. Our SkyFi representatives use this opportunity to ask questions, evaluate characteristics, and get a better understanding of the candidate’s scope of experience.

Step 4

Maintaining Excellence

At SkyFi Marketing, our quality-driven mindset is the basis of our freelance onboarding strategy. We ensure that our candidates are kept up-to-date with the latest industry related know-how necessary to nurture their skills and maximize your company’s potential. Our pre-vetted renowned local freelancers are recognized for their track record of excellence, their timeliness, and ability to ensure accountability and full transparency in the work that they produce.

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My assigned project manager took care of every aspect of our project. She lined up a good graphics designer and a social media marketing freelancer that did amazing work! We had such an amazing team to support us on every step of the way.
Maria Luxburg
CMO, Webnishar
The team did a fantastic job on my website! The entire process was so easy and my project manager took care of all the little details that personally, I didn’t have the bandwidth to handle. I am continuing to use them for other projects, and highly recommend them.
Matt Doran
CTO, Shiler
SkyFi Marketing helped me make a digital marketing plan for my business consisting of utilizing social media to reach out to customers I would have otherwise missed. I’m not very tech savvy, but felt I was in good hands and the results speak for themselves.
Joe Pantoliano
CEO, Loxiret